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Jeremy Cherfas

What to do about bookmarked pages?

1 min read

The recent outage at Instapaper made me realise that I currently have no secure backup for either the things I've read or my notes on them. Notes live in Kindle and at Instapaper, while "things I've bookmarked" live at Instapaper and Pinboard. Good though those are, I don't have local copies, and I should.

This could take some thought. I can see no way of downloading the Kindle notes and highlights, although it is only HTML, on the surface it looks like pretty complex HTML. Instapaper is probably the same.

I should also try to have some sort of system that leaves unmarked things in Inboard and uses Instapaper specifically for things with notes.

This stuff is hard, but empowering.

Later ... Bookcision will let me get a clean copy of Kindle notes, one book at a time. Use in Chrome for preference. Calibre is also supposed to be able to do this, which might in the end be simpler.