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Jeremy Cherfas

This stream now on the mothership

1 min read

Update: 6:00 PM It seems there's a problem with the Grav cache. If caching is on, then the stream shows in the sidebar the first time the sidebar appears, but not on subsequent times. Until that's sorted, I'm disabling the plugin. Baby steps. I'm still content.

I continue to be astonished by the generosity of strangers. No sooner had I asked on the Grav forum for help to display an RSS feed than OleVik had shared his plugin to Parse RSS and Atom feeds with Twig. And a couple of hours later, there it is in my sidebar.

Of course there's still plenty to be done. At the moment I am displaying only item.title because item.content is often identical and I haven't quite figured out how to do a comparison in order to show meaningful content. But it's a start. I could also restrict the feed to certain types of post here, or even set up more than one feed.

I probably also ought to add some specifically indieweb classes, though I'll have to ask about that.

Nevertheless, very content.