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Jeremy Cherfas

Review of H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald

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What a wonderful book. When it first came out and got lots of praise I stupidly decided that it wasn't for me, possibly because the praise tended to focus on lyrical nature writing and that's not something I enjoy. However, my friend Nicola Davies was adamant that I give it a shot. I did, and was entranced from the word go. The writing isn't lyrical as I understand it. It is sharp, penetrating, incisive and eye-opening. Helen MacDonald has a gift for metaphors and similes that I envy. Her writing is clear-eyed but not harsh, and I marvelled at how she wove the three threads of her father and his death, TH White and his gos and her own adventures with Mabel into a tight, seamless braid.

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