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Jeremy Cherfas

Falling out of love withKnown

1 min read

I had really high hopes for Known on this site as a way to own all my content and send it from here to where I thought it might also be happy. But there's a lot of little niggles that make me wonder. Like the photo plugin that doesn't respect rotation. I mean, c'mon. It also does not appear able to take pictures, although that could also be my fault for not allowing it to do so. Then there is the lack of Markdown in status updates, which has been promised forever. My impression is that the development team is focused, probably quite sensibly, on their community-in-a-box vision for education. But I'm not skilled enough to work withKnown on my own, and nobody seems to be offering the kind of service I'd be willing to pay for. In the meantime, though, I'll keep on keeping on while at the same time start to explore how easily Grav could play with the Indieweb.