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Jeremy Cherfas

Workflow neither works nor flows, for me

2 min read

More and more, I do my catch-up reading on the iPhone. As I scan the incoming tide, I send things either to Instapaper or Pinboard and then, when I get a moment, go through them there. So far so good. The thing is, more and more of the things I want to take a closer look at these days are podcasts. And the way I generally do that is to save the audio (at least if it isn’t hosted on ShitCloud) to Huffduffer. On the phone, that’s a pain. In fact, I don’t know how to do it. If I am in Instapaper, reading a piece that contains audio, I have no idea how to tell Huffduffer to save the audio.


Surely smarter minds than mine have the same problem, and have harnessed the power of Workflow to do their bidding? But no. There are workflows for sending the podcast you’re listening to to Huffduffer, but that hardly serves my needs. If I’m already listening, I don’t need to Huffduff it.


I need to give up and just accept that I will do it manually. Already I have probably spent more time trying to solve the problem than I would save over the next decade if I did solve it.