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Jeremy Cherfas

Podcasting: zero sum on not?

2 min read

Such fun to see what look like two different answers to the same question, especially when they happen in the space of less than a day.

Matt Lieber, the cool drink of water on a hot day at Gimlet Media, told Shannon Bond on the FT Alphachat podcast that podcasting was definitely not a zero-sum game. (I don't have the exact time or words because life's too short and podcasting search and discover still sucks.)

Meanwhile, Seth Godin writes that "the game is becoming zero sum".

And the thing is, they're both right.

Lieber is right that most podcasters are happy to cooperate not compete, because they're all trying to grow the pie for podcasting, and the more people who listen -- the bigger the pie -- the more listeners each podcaster can have.

And Godin is right that he can't listen to something new without not listening to something else.

Even for somebody who is into listening, maybe even into high-speed playback, there's only so much time in the day.

For the little independent podcaster, there's a double challenge. Attract new people to listen to your podcast; grow the pie. And get them to add you to their regular playlist, even if they have to drop something else.

What is to be done?