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Jeremy Cherfas

Items of no note

2 min read

My week (almost) in Cork and Kilfinane is coming to a close and my head is swimming with ideas; new podcast series, new approaches to episodes, things unrelated to audio. The thing that didn't work was recording any of these thoughts digitally. I have a few notes written in my little notebook, but that's all. A few tweets and the like too, but they are mostly pure celebration, rather than cerebration. And I the end I am only writing this to the website because I am early for my flight and nursing my final Guinness of the trip (see previous post).

Of course I could have taken the time each evening to write in my journal, digital or analogue. My excuse on that front is that it was too bloody cold and all I wanted to do was warm up under the covers. But I also think that none of my digital tools is up for the job. Typing on the phone, as I am now, is tiresome. Carrying even the light little MBA around just for a few extended notes isn't worth it. The little notebook is the answer. Or, and given that this was an audio festival I am kicking myself that I didn't do this, audio notes would have been great. I should have done that, after each session. And my excuse is that, having been listening to such great audio, even the best quality on the iPhone would not have been good enough. Dumb, I know.

Maybe next time I'll have a better plan. And maybe I'll maintain my current level of enthusiasm long enough to turn some of the little notes into bigger thoughts.